As Floridians, we spend much of our time at the beach, in the pool and on tennis courts and golf courses. Throw in some outdoor walking, biking and gardening, and it’s easy to see why we need to be proactive in taking care of our bodies by wearing sunscreen and our eyes by wearing proper sunglasses, not to mention a well-brimmed hat or visor.

To understand why the proper sunglasses are so important, it’s important to know about ultra violet light (UV rays) which can cause major damage to your vision. UV-A rays can hurt your central vision by damaging the macula, a part of the retina at the back of your eye. And UV-B rays can damage the front part of your eye — the cornea and the lens — which absorbs most UV-B rays.

Over time, the effects of UV rays can cause a number of eye problems such as macular degeneration, cataracts, and pterygiums (growths which begin on the white of the eye and may later involve the cornea, potentially blocking vision). UV rays can also be responsible for skin cancers, corneal sunburns and conjunctival and corneal squamous lesions (pre-cancerous ocular tumors which can become malignant).

So… how can you help protect yourself from developing such eye diseases?

Choose the Right Sunglasses!

Use sunglasses that absorb UV rays and wear a brimmed hat or cap. A wide brimmed hat or cap will block about half of UV rays. A brimmed hat or cap can also limit UV rays that hit the eyes from above or around glasses.

Sunglasses that absorb UV rays give the most protection. All types of eyewear, including prescription and non-prescription glasses, contact lenses and lens implants, should absorb UV-A and UV-B rays. For UV protection in everyday eyewear, there are several options like UV-blocking lens materials, coatings and photochromic lenses. UV protection does not cost a lot of money and does not get in the way of seeing clearly.

Choose sunglasses that reduce glare, filter out 99-100% of UV rays, protect your eyes, are comfortable to wear (so you’ll wear them!) and do not distort colors.

Speak with our Optician today to see how we can make your sight more comfortable in all of your outdoor activities.

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