Shopping Around for my first progressive

I finally have given into the fact that I am getting older. It’s a fight we all lose. So with resignation in my heart, I approached the optometrist, Dr. Gordon, and told him “I am ready for a progressive.”

After a comprehensive eye exam, the Dr. told me that I could indeed use a little help with my reading. I’ve always just been able to look over the top of my glasses, but really, does that make it any  better?

With prescription in hand, I decided that now would be a great time to experience this event from a client’s perspective. As manager of Golden Optical, I always want to ensure that we are competitive in the market place and we are offering superior service, products, and prices.

How does Golden Optical measure up against the other eye care providers in our area? I went to 5 other opticals to find out.

If you would like to read a full description of my experiences at these opticals,


First, this is my prescription. Yes, it is high! So every place I went would recommend a similar product:

*High-Index Digital Progressive  – This means the thinner material with a progressive that offers better peripheral vision and a wide reading channel.

* Anti-Glare Coating – A necessary feature for living in our digital world

Keep in mind that not all prescriptions are not alike, and you may not need the thinner lenses or the digital progressive. Conversely, you may need an even more customized progressive.

I kept the frame value around $200 so that the prices would be comparable. Golden Optical has frames that start at just $58


Golden Optical – $450 plus $100 off a second pair


Private Optical that accepts most insurances. Poor frame selection and poor customer service – $700

Private Optical that is similar to ours, with a nice office space and nice frame selection – $560

A lot of the chains are having 50% off a complete pair sale right now so

For Eyes  – $720 – 50%=$360

VisionWorks – $868 – 50%=$434

America’s Best – $450

MyEyeLab – This one surprised me – $689 for one and you get a second pair for free.


As you can see, when you factor in the different discounts and sales, there is not a huge difference in the price. Despite what a lot of company’s advertise, there is a very good chance you will walk out paying more.  Also keep in mind the price I stated for the practice which accepts most insurances. Notice how high that price is? That’s because they have to mark up everything in order to discount it for your vision insurance. How many of us have walked out of the Dr.’s office, after paying $500 for a pair of glasses, wondering what the vision insurance did for us?

At Golden Optical, we don’t  promote a bait and switch. We start off with our low price and find the best solution for your visual needs.

What will you get at Golden Optical?

  • Personalized customer service by expert Opticians – Our Licensed Opticians will help you find the perfect frame for your lifestyle. We will make sure they are properly measured and fit to ensure they work the way you want them to.
  • Pleasant Environment – We offer a clean, modern office where there is no rush to choose. Enjoy a coffee or water and let’s fit you with what you need, want, and can afford.
  • Variety of choice – We will find the best optical solution for your visual needs. We also make sure to offer a wide variety of frames.




Welcome to Golden Optical! Come in, have a drink, and let’s find you those perfect pair of glasses!



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